Grouping Wall Art

When you have a collection of photos, artwork, and other special items to display, how can you get the most impact from them? Framing them is a great way to emphasize these pieces, while protecting them at the same time. The design options with custom framing are virtually endless. Depending on your personal tastes, you can have the items framed in a coordinated fashion for a matching, streamlined collection. Or if your style is more eclectic, we can create a grouping with differing frame styles.

  • A grouping can work well in many places in your home or office.Whether you have a large wall you’d like to fill, or a smaller area that you’d like to cozy up with several related pieces, we can help you to
    create just what you’re looking for. Hallways and stairwells are also great places to hang groupings; these transitional areas can be used to connect larger, adjacent areas. A collection of framed artwork and photos will do wonders to personalize these spaces. And once your pieces are framed and ready to hang, following
    are several tips to ease the process. (And avoid unnecessary holes in your walls!)
  • •Create a mock layout on the floor by arranging all the frames until you are happy with how they look. Next, measure the distance between each piece and write it down. When you begin to actually hang each piece, refer to your notes. This will minimize hanging and re-hanging since you’ll already have your layout. • Another way to streamline the process is to think of the arrangement as a large rectangle. Begin with the pieces that
    will be on the outside edges. Then fill in the middle with the remaining pieces. If you have four equal-sized frames, try arranging them in a square.
  •  Another way to save yourself time and energy is to create a “paper grouping” first. Do this by tracing on paper around the edge of each frame. Cut out each piece and then tape these to your wall. You can rearrange them until you’re happy with how it looks. Then hang your actual items in the desired formation
    and enjoy! So bring in your special items. Together, we’ll design a beautiful grouping for your space!
  • Remember that your furnishings all work together. Set art in proximity to lamps or items on a table and coordinate color, texture or theme. Anchor your frame collection with an interesting piece of furniture. Choose the area. Create a great layout! With one large piece and two smaller items, try spacing the smaller ones vertically next to the large one.
  • A picture does not need to be hung to have impact. A line of pictures set on a mantle or shelf is at least as effective as a grouping hung on the wall. Several small works set on easels among plants can interest a visitor in a nearby chair.