For Love of the Game

Do you love sports? Do you remember the day when you or your child made the greatest catch in history, or scored the winning goal? Or that time you bowled a near-perfect game? You’re not alone! There is nothing more memorable, or important, than your very own athletic treasures. That high school football jersey, your daughter’s ballet shoes, that game ball from Little League. The items are pricelessand the memories are forever.

Whether it’s a team accomplishment or a personal triumph,framing your sports memories will revive those feelings each time you see it. And don’t forget about the world of options that a shadowbox offers. We’re experts at preserving and designing sports-related shadowboxes. As you can see from the pictures here, these three dimensional frame designs provide the ability to frame almost anything.

Your child will smile every time they see their first football helmet above their bed. You will love having your high school baseball glove beautifully displayed on your office wall. It has never been easier to immortalize your very own prized athletic memorabilia. Simply gather up your favorite items and bring them to our store. We have great suggestions for every room.

Personal, framed athletic mementos can make someone feel like an all-star. They’re great for birthdays, holidays, coaches’ gifts, homes, offices— anywhere and everywhere you can imagine.

As with custom frames, we know that amateur athletes come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve designed frames and shadowboxes for Cub Scouts, ballerinas, fishermen, boaters, skateboarders… you name it. The options are truly endless. Come visit our store and let us show you the options!
When she told her parents that her ballet recitals made her feel like a star, they knew this was a perfect gift. It seemed like every time he made it to first base, two pitches later he was standing at third brushing
himself off. A shadowbox is a perfect way to honor such record-breaking performances. After weaving through two defenders and scoring the game-winning goal, her parents had this shadowbox made to commemorate the occasion. The memory will last.